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Storms and natural disasters that may cut off your power can happen at any time, whether you’re there or not. If your generator requires someone to manually switch it on, your home could be without power for hours or days. During that period of time, your home will be without heat and your appliances without power—which can spell disaster if you have a refrigerator, sump pump, radon vent or other essential appliances. Avoid this hassle by asking your residential generator contractor about wiring in a transfer switch and a power monitoring system. When your power is suddenly cut, a signal will be sent telling your generator to begin operation. This way, your lights, heat, and amenities will continue to operate without interruption.

From everyday home living needs like heating, cooling, refrigeration and lights, to daily essentials like cooking, laundry or kids’ bath times. Storms and natural disasters are occurring more often around the country. Be prepared for this weather with the most trusted name in residential generator power. When the power goes out, feel comfortable knowing that your home won't with automatic power generation.

Walton's Electric offers Generac generators with a full line of automatic transfer switches and controls that can manage a multitude of power systems, along with wireless monitoring and Web-enabled remote PC. Each system we install has been tested and proven by real-world scenarios.

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