Southeastern, PA

Walton's Electric is a Pennsylvania-based commercial electrical contractor that specializes in parking lot pole lighting installation.  We can also repair lights, ballasts and maintenance your existing equipment too Parking lot pole lighting brings safety through visibility to your outdoor spaces. Parking lots, walkways, patios, parks and streets are only a few examples of the type of areas that could benefit from outdoor light poles. These should be constructed of a durable material and, if possible, a protective finish that will withstand the elements over a long period of time. An equally important consideration is the type of fixtures which can be mounted upon the pole.

It is important to consult a licensed electrician to determine the proper footing for your area before moving forward with an outdoor light pole project. If this is your first time to attempt an outdoor lighting pole project, it can be overwhelming. There are many options out there, so let our experienced commercial electricians guide you step-by-step through the process of acquiring everything you will need to illuminate the outdoors, or fix a damaged or defective lighting pole.

Parking lot pole lights are critical to security and must not only meet regulatory standards for illumination, but also strength, resistance, and light distribution requirements as well. Without an advanced technical knowledge of commercial parking lot lighting poles, you may feel anxious when it comes to choosing specific lights, determining pole height, and matching fixture and pole EPA value to wind velocities in the area. Walton's Electric can help put your mind at ease in determining calculations and project needs to further customize your commercial lot pole lighting project to your precise location, while considering industry regulations and specific requirements.