Southeastern, PA

Our outdoor lighting systems not only provide clients with beautiful garden scenes but also added safety and security for their families and guests. Architectural features and outdoor sculpture can play prominent roles in evening landscapes with our custom designed architectural lighting.  High quality fixtures and long life, energy efficient lamps will provide you with years of trouble free enjoyment.

Unfortunately, some businesses that provide lighting "on the side" don’t understand the science or the artistry of light. Some of these businesses appear think outdoor lighting is simply about evenly spacing fixtures. Experts in lighting design understand that nothing could be further from the truth.

Lighting is all about the effect. And the effect is all about the light source. In most cases, residential lighting will benefit from a light source that produces a full-spectrum light that won’t shift the viewer’s color perception. To assure that true color, we specify low-voltage halogen or the revolutionary new LED light sources. (Older LED technology–which is still on the market–produces a substandard light. If you decide to purchase your system from another supplier, be sure to verify that the LED’s Color Rendering Index (CRI), lumen output and beam width will deliver the results you desire.)

Both halogen lights and the new LED lights offer a CRI over 80. (The CRI is the measure of the light’s ability to accurately portray color. A CRI of 100 would represent perfection, incorporating the full spectrum of sunlight). A CRI of 80 or above will satisfactorily render color for outdoor lighting applications. A CRI under 80 drops out too many shades, noticeably distorting the color.