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Walton's Electric is a commercial electrical contractor in Pennsylvania with over 30 years of  experience as an electrical design build contractor. At Walton's Electric, we are experts in the electrical design build process and creating projects that result in construction cost savings for you. Walton's Electric , electrical design build contractor acknowledges that by establishing the cost early on and eliminating a  time-consuming phase, the project’s completion period is condensed. When choosing Walton's Electric as your project’s electrical design builder, you are assured of consistency from drawings to installation, accountability for all work performed and teamwork across the entire project.

Walton's Electric designs, installs, commissions, upgrades and maintains electrical facilities from industrial plants to commercial and residential buildings. The company brings an integrated approach to project coordination allowing us to optimize resource deployment, reduce time-to-market and maintain quality. We enable you to choose one company for the entire spectrum of your design build and engineering needs from drawings, scheduling, and cost analysis to final installation of process equipment and service on that equipment. Because we handle all aspects of design and engineering and building, we can respond quickly to your changing needs. With all design performed in-house, our design/build capabilities eliminate the all-too-familiar finger pointing between contractors and engineers.

electrical designWhen working with Walton's Electric on your design build project, you will also reap the benefits of:

Enhanced Communication
Because the design parameters of a project are developed with all budgetary goals, conditions and construction methodologies in mind- a project is more likely to be realized than with a pure design approach alone. Walton'sElectric knows the importance of ease of access to the project team, as well as to information throughout development. This open and consistent communication is the keystone to the success of the Walton's design build model.

Increased Accountability
Walton's Electric design-build provides you with one integrated entity – one that will look you in the eye, return your calls and resolve any issues that may arise throughout the development process. Walton's doesn’t want you to waste valuable project time figuring out where a finger of blame needs to be pointed. Instead, the Walton's design build process minimizes such exhaustive finger pointing [often commonplace in contemporary construction projects] and allows you to look to us with any questions or concerns.

Value-based Project Feedback / Value Engineering
Typically, in order for a contractor to bid on a project, very specific details relating to the methods and materials must be given to avoid any ambiguity and to make an “apples to apples” comparison of bids. The electrical contractor is often in the best position to advise the most cost effective design or product specification. This may be based on knowledge of constructability issues, the newest methods that have been successfully employed, or knowledge of specific trends with material manufacturers.

When working with Walton's Electric, the design build team can work together to determine the best methods and materials to maximize your value. In instances where marginally more expensive materials, designs, or construction methods might yield a higher return on investment for you than those of lower cost, you are free to adjust the project’s program without having to re-bid the entire project.

Reduced Administrative Burden
You are not required to invest resources preparing RFPs, conducting extensive evaluations, or coordinating and arbitrating between separate design and construction contracts. Rather, you can focus on timely decision making and get your project rolling sooner.

Walton's Electric works equally as well on design-assist projects, in which we partner closely with the owner, designers, and general contractors to ensure efficient and successful results.

Some of Walton's Electric design build achievements and past projects include:

design build

  • New or renovated church facilities
  • Factory machine wiring
  • Turnkey installation of residential, commercial and industrial generators
  • Office or tenant finish projects
  • Auditorium and stage lighting projects, including dimming systems
  • Medical office facility wiring
  • Golf Course Netting and Lighting
  • Communication wiring including data, fiber and fire alarm installation
  • Complete electrical service accommodating property management firms